Please advice payment gateway for risky business

Discussion in 'How to accept credit card payments' started by cigsspot, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. cigsspot

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    Hey guys.
    I own a website that sell cigarettes online. Now we accept only Bitcoin because no proccesor wants to deal with Tobacco.

    I had prroposals from 2 chinese companies - fashionpay and king365, but the reviews were not good((

    Maybe you can recomend me something?
  2. realcat

    realcat Building Trust Entrepreneur

    fashionpay and king365 is the same company. Stay away as long as you can, i would use them only as a very last resort.
  3. realcat

    realcat Building Trust Entrepreneur

    what is your website?
  4. offshorewebhosting

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    What corporate structure are you using? What volumes do you predict?

    We deal with gambling and hosting so know our fair share of high-risk processors.

    Also, funnily enough, we started a cigarette e-commerce site about 20 years ago... which we dropped due to theft of product...
  5. cigsspot

    cigsspot New Member

    Please pm me and we will discuss details