Important! Please suggest what you think we should do with people that scam forum members?

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  1. Admin

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    Hello fellows,

    Thankfully most of the forum users at OCT are honest and very helpful people which everyday make this forum a greater place to gather useful and valuable information.

    Unfortunately, there are black chefs in between us, as an Admin you can imagine that I’m most often the first stop when things are going wrong here.

    From time to time some users seem to be in for a scam or fraud which we regret to be a platform for. So far all 3 of us which are moderating this forum have tried to enter into discussions with all parties involved, we have also published information on the forum about what your should consider before you deal with anyone here.

    Now, it’s time for your opinion and suggestion to make this a more comfortable place to be to trade, to gather information and to engage in conversations.

    The only option I have is to BAN people as it is right now, but I would like to avoid that anyone here lose their hard-earned money or at least make it much more complicated for scammers to take run.

    So please let me know what you think or what cross your mind when you read this.

    You are welcome to PM me, use the contact form or simply post in this thread!
  2. bountymounty

    bountymounty Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    You may install iTrader script on the forum so people can rate and vote for each other!

    Another one would be to offer some sort of escrow service?
  3. cassiopeia

    cassiopeia Moderator Staff Member The Forum Cleaner

    What Escrow service you suggest?
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  4. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    That's a difficult question as other than banning them the risk is always with the person handing over any money for a service. I guess educating new users what to look out for may be a start.

    An Escrow service would definitely work but would require a council and arbitration which may be a lot of work.
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  5. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Maybe we can create verified badge, trustworthy badge? And verify users somehow, for me, i created thread , where users after my job can write an review, so reviews can work as well :)

    Or for example on some forums there is "people of trust, 3rd hand, verified approved forum employee" that can be a middleman (but i dont know if a middleman is a good idea for this forum)
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  6. Admin

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    This means, they will act as something similar as an Escrow service?

    Someone know of a valid and trusted BTC escrow service? most people here pay by bitcoins.
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  7. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Yes, looks like, but i haven't tried any of BTC Escrow services, yet.
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  8. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    you can hire a team and charge 20% more for buyer that need protection .
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  9. lookingforward

    lookingforward Building Trust Entrepreneur

    i think 20% is too high.
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  10. helmax

    helmax Building Trust Entrepreneur

    20% is too high
    normally is 2%
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  11. Dubsize

    Dubsize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I think the marketplace was a first step.
    Just like Ebay then, we should be able to rate the provider and give reviews.
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  12. lavel

    lavel Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    I agree with escrow service and badges that may help. Many other large forums have iTrader system for Xenforo installed that helps to keep the business clean.
  13. life

    life New Member

    The best way forward is setting up an in-house Escrow System to protect both buyer and sell... and this way disputes can be settled amicably without anyone losing out. Escrow service will be provided at a fee between 2-10% depending on deal amount.
  14. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    Setting up a marketplace and/or an escrow service might be construed as directly facilitating criminal activity (given that not all is spotless clean). This might not be a wise decision from the forum owner.
  15. khan

    khan Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    Main priority for people who consider to take an offer and buy from a user from OCT must be to look at the age of the profile and how posts and threads are made. If they look spammy or it's obvious that thet don't really help anyone then it should rise a RED FLAG.

    Another option would be that each seller here has to provide Admin or a Forum mod with a sample of the product sold, if they can't do that, it will simply not be allowed to sell here.

    Finally, Admin could only allow aged user profiles to sell on OTC, new registrations or user profiles which have a low or no post count can't sell here!
  16. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    this low protection , escrow is best option .
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  17. moneynetwork

    moneynetwork Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    We need a kind of trustpilot on every single member who offers services. Dont let scammers destroy this fantastic place!
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  18. khan

    khan Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    Why do you think so, because of what is sold or because of the tax?
  19. helmax

    helmax Building Trust Entrepreneur

    without itrader we need forum or sub forum for feedback
    Any seller create topic for own, and members tell feedback
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  20. helmax

    helmax Building Trust Entrepreneur

    One more advice is Signature be paid or removed
    And moderators control that signatures
    Because there is many sellers using signatures for free marketplace
    And after take advantage for scam users