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Postparker scamming?


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Sep 12, 2009
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I am new to that site i am talking about. And i just came from that forum where I learned from a number of its members that they have big doubts about its credibility. You see, its admin does not say anything, does not respond to queries, and so far, only one has gotten paid there. Take note, only ONE member received payment ever since it started. It made me have some doubts too because my earnings have never moved closer to the minimum payout. I used to be quite active there but when I heard from other members about their doubts, I stopped participating. Are you a member of this site too? What do you think of it?
Do we speak about this website : postparker.com - best discussion community

It looks like some cheap service, but I could be wrong, sorry to hear if you have been scammed.
I don't believe postparker.com as a trusted forum site.There is no payment proof any where on any online forum websites.The owner of the site is also not responsive to it's valued members.I am a member of that site and felt uneasy to post there.I had already advised many of my friends to leave post parker.com.The same has been proved now.Thanks for posting this discussion and saving the valuable time of other friends.

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