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    Which company registries allows for pre-paying fees (like for domain names) so that the company/partnership is mostly guaranteed to exist for a long time?

    I'm not talking about pre-paying the agent who could be insolvent, but the company registry?
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    it doesn't exist, terms of goverment fees are regulated by law, also annual filings can't be done for future years
    may I ask you why are you looking for such automatization solutions?
    agents are usually take it very serious, it is their money and duty to recall you about annual payments
    also, I know that Mossack Fonseca used to have Members area with great functionality, but they are not in business anymore

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    I'm investigating better oracles for integration between blockchain decentralized autonomous organizations and offshore jurisdictions.

    Oracles are entities that transfer knowledge between a purely digital blockchain and the real world. Paying fees and registering a company are such oracle functions. The whole offshore area seems to be quite unsophisticated regarding this, but there should be lots of opportunity here for Agents that want to be early adopters.

    The first Seychelles blockchain company was incorporated earlier this year.

    The world’s first Legally Incorporated Blockchain Company. — Korporatio
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    The standard registration and annual renewal fee is $300 USD. In addition, discounts are available for paying annual renewal fees in advance on the following sliding scale:

    5 years $1,000 USD;

    10 years $1,500 USD; and

    20 years $2,000 USD
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