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Sep 20, 2020
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How does private health insurance actually work for customers in uae?

if you live in uae, you can either pay your way - if you got enough money ofcourse - or buy private health insurance that will cover small and major illnesses. In case of uae this costs around 5000-15000 usd a year per individual person.

Now if you have this insurance and are in month 10 of your policy and need a doctor to look at your toe - would you claim this small amount and risk them increasing premiums next year?

What if you get a major illness - like cancer - in month 11. What happens upon renewal - they will refuse and therefore stop paying for treatment? Or is this a claim on the "old" policy and will keep being a claim even if you dont renew. However - does this mean - if you get serious ill - you will never get another health insurance due to risks perceived by underwriters?

How do people actually live in a place like USA which seems similar setup?

also @admin maybe move this thread to a better forum place as I think it is important when thinking about relocation, to take this into consideration as pretty important item on the list when considering to reduce taxes by emigrating
In the US you get Medicare or Medicaid pretty soon once you have cancer and cannot work anymore. It in other words: the normal health insurance is only there for the 95% of the population that have debts and would not be able to pay for a 1000 emergency. It is more like mandated saving.

You have to check the local regulations. Some countries have rules that the insurance company must keep you for as long as your want, the primes must be public and only based on age.

Not sure about where you are and what plans you are looking at. The are 7 Emirates and many plans for different needs

As you probably won't stay there forever you may want to get insured by a company which does not require residency in a specific country and that you can keep as you move.