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Promotion using Traffic Exchanges


Offshore Agent
Sep 12, 2009
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I have a few sites that i have joined. I've heard alot about traffic exchanges, but was wondering if anyone on here has used them to promote their sites on-line at all and what kind of success they have had. I would really like to know real wxperiences to implement myself.
Traffic exchanges aren't very ideal either if you're trying to promote a site, unless its related to money-making or traffic generation. To get results from traffic exchanges, you'll need to make a very good splash page which can make the surfer quit the surfing mode and look at your site......which is very difficult. So as I mentioned in the earlier post......use Adsense for traffic.
I used to use those traffic exchanges to promote my sites before but they never did convert. They are a just a waste of my time. If you would like to earn then you would need to promote it on forums that has the same niche.