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Protect PayPal Accounts With VeriSign Identity Protection Devices


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Sep 12, 2009
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I had a rather unpleasant experience with PayPal lately where someone transferred all the money from my account. PayPal was not very forthcoming and I do not know until today how this was possible. One of the first things that I did after this experience was to order a PayPal Security Key. I was contacted by VeriSign, the creators of those security keys, just a few days later and they send me a key as well.

The VeriSign Identity Protection device can be used to add another layer of security to the login process. The PayPal Security Key mentions only eBay and PayPal and I’m not sure if it works with the other websites and services that the VeriSign Identity Protection key works with.

The key is a little device that displays a six digit security code when a button is pressed. That code is active for 30 seconds after which it disappears again. The device has to be activated on the website that you want to use it for by entering the serial number of the device and two six digit codes.

Once a device has been linked to an account it has to be used to log into the account by pressing the button and entering the six digit code after the password on that website or by entering the login credentials normally and the six digit code on the next page where it is requested before the user can

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