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Recommendations for Holding Structure (company/trust/foundation/combination)


I am currently considering incorporating a new business in a high-tax jurisdiction in Europe for reputation and banking reasons.
Though that business probably won’t be having high profits as it will only resell services, I think it might make sense to hold the shares in some sort of a holding structure, just in case.

In the future, I would also like to be able to invest into US assets, including stocks and possibly real estate.
As I find the future hard to predict, the holding structure should allow me to avoid US withholding tax on dividends as well as US estate tax, even in the absence of a tax treaty with my future country of residency.
Ideally, it would also offer asset protection in case of a divorce etc. (since this recently came up).

At least the first layer of the holding structure needs to look reputable, so that clients who examine my operative business don’t get scared away.

I‘m feeling that I probably don’t need such a structure right now, but I also don’t want until a point where it will be much more difficult to arrange things properly. Maybe there is some middle ground that would allow me to start small and extend the structure when it becomes necessary.

As I have absolutely no idea where I will be living in 10, 20 or 30 years from now, the structure would ideally be recognized globally. I think trusts for example aren’t recognized in Central Europe?
But maybe it’s silly to try to plan so far ahead because the law changes all the time, so I should better start small and not think too complex right now?

I’m open to working with service providers as well if somebody has some suggestions.
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