Remote work opportunities from OffshoreCorpTalk community - CHEAP FEES


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For anyone who has just launched their Technology Consultancy covering global assignments (Europe, US and Asia), how to get remote work from esteemed community at Offshore Corp Talk?

We are a small group of middle aged skilled individuals with 20+ years expertise, and we offer ProBono Consulting services remotely or in your country or mix of both.

Our expertise is in:
- web design (launch new or manage current),
- project managing (advising + executing) launch & reporting,
- language translation (Asian languages to English and vice versa),
- technology upgrades (one person to 100 people companies)

In short, how to kickstart our new biz with customers? We are happy to work for cheaper fees just to establish our clients portfolio.

Any suggestions,ideas, Questions, please?

Thanks and Eager to serve you.



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Do you have a remote job for copywriters? One of my friends looking for this kind of job right now.


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@VoodooBoy, I don't know anyone yet, but will pass it on to you if I hear anything about it. We don't have any experience with copyrighting so your friend might be suitable for it.