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    Hi all,

    although I have browsed the forum for the anonymous aspects, there are many different responses related to different purpose for anonymity.

    Mine is not about tax, because being resident of switzerland, taxes are not extremes. Also due to what I read about AEOI, most countries for offshore companies will anyway communicate ownership to the residency tax administration, if AEOI member.

    I want to retain anonymity because I dont want to have my PII information for my ecommerce (legal) venture, to be shared to the public, to avoid any harassment, reputation harm or diffamation made possible from the public online, although the business is not shady or immoral, but just subject to potentially remote philosophical debate.

    -So what would you suggest as countries, and good agents in these, to open an offshore company that will protect my identity from searches and inquiries (other than tax administrations)?

    -Secondly, I plan to use paypal and expect it to be the main payment method. To your knowledge, can I register my merchant account without giving my PII information? If not, will Paypal really not disclose my PII information to customers in any cases?

    Many Thanks
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    Mostly depending on your budget, the poor man solution: incorporate offschore company with bought docs and buy readymade aged paypal account together with payon33r account with debit card.
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    Don't even try this

    If you are going to use paypal you have very limited choice of countries. You can try Cyprus non resident company with non Cyprus director and nominee shareholder to avoid paying tax and receive the desired anonymity. But it's a temporary solution, because sooner or later Cyprus will share UBO to the public.

    You can also check for the Canadian Limited Partnership. LP there may be formed by one person being both general and limited partner

    What are taxes in Switzerland? Do you use lump sum taxation?
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    Say who?
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    @GrumpyMess thanks.
    "You can try Cyprus non resident company with non Cyprus director and nominee shareholder" non resident only the nominee shareholder would be resident and PP would have the latter as personal details with proofs of residency?

    in swiss tax rate is around 30 %, so that after incurring plenty of costs into result sheet, it certainly can be reduced .
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    Says the EU. The 5th directive mandates public registry.