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Sandwiched bettween mother & wife?


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Apr 15, 2009
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How many of you think that you are sandwiched between your mother and wife in terms of duties, as sometimes its really a difficult task to avoid collision of their egos. What are your views?
I believe better to Be with mother ...First full-fill your mother ego.....As It is only love which is unconditional....your wife can leave your but your mother never.....
Mother love is selfless.....Your wife's love is transactional.....

It is stupid to compare this two.....If you choose your wife over your mother .....You will regret in long run....This regret is unbearable.....

It is easy decision...I do not why it takes this much year to answer.....If you compare your mother with anybody in the world. You are biggest loser in the world.....or just a naïve.....or recently wed to some hot Girl.....May be love with hot wife make you blind so you lose the sense of logic...
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