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Self Employed, without business property.


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Jan 20, 2010
Manchester, U.K.
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Self Employed, without business property.

I'm hoping to become self employed, running a newspaper delivery service from a van. It will be totally mobile even sorting the papers in the van. I still live with my parents and my dad in concerned that it might affect his tax or benefits or something. I will not be using the property for any part of the business, except maybe recieving cheques through the post. Will me becoming self employed affect my dad's tax or his house? I suppose when i register as becoming self employed I will have to put down an address.
It depends on the tax and other laws in your home country, you didn't mentioned where you live, however, in most parts of the world you will need to have a registered address to register a company, file tax applications, receive money etc. further, I don't believe it will affect in anyway your dad's tax or his house, again depends very much on your local laws and regulations.... but normally it won't.

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