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Send money from one account to another?


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Apr 16, 2009
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Are there any provisions for sending money from your account to someone else's on Moneybookers? I want to send money from my Moneybookers account to my sister's Moneybookers account. Is this free, will Moneybookers charge me?
You will not be charged but your sister will be charged!

Thats the way it works with Moneybookers and even so with PayPal it is always the receiver which has to pay the fees.
But Personal account on PayPal doesn't have to pay the fee. I know that Premier or Business account has to pay the fee?

I was talking here only about PayPal to PayPal money sending/receiving.
As of my expirience you always pay a fee to PayPal if you receive a payment from someone by PayPal, at least I can see it on the account overview.
I have a personal account, and each time I receive a payment from someone I see PayPal is sucking fees out of this amount.
LoL this thread went out to be a PayPal thread :)

Anyway, I have a business account and it is the same here, I pay fees when I receive payments.