Settle for digital nomad, where would you start?

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The offshroecorptalk forum is full of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, tax advisors and more in the field.

Everyday I read the term digital nomads! Latest post I saw is the one:

It's easy to post about a 0% tax with Dubai non resident. But how would you go about it, where would you start, if you live like 80% around here with your family, a house, a car but are willing to give this all up.

This thread should serve as inspiration for others, should we get valid replies.


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You need second citizenship passport to get started. Panama, Dubai VISA or Romania would be a good start.

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Yes, as the most astute members of this forum have always said, the future is all about tax minimization and the maximization of your quality of life in a country that fits your personality -- not about total tax avoidance, which is a shell game.


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Digital Nomad === Ship crew/oil ring woker

I find new creative way for digital Nomad lifestyle bank account.
There is account for "ship crew/marine" called sea surfer account or any other name depend on country to country.

You see the "ship crew/marine" spend 6 month onshore and 6 month offshore meaning on ship. They are old age nomad.
You can find some creative way to open account for this type of category.
In this setup , You do not require any other country residency visa. If you are not from USA. There will be no tax as you do not live in country more 182 days in year. Just need document for your country "sea surfer account "

Basically Find a way to open account as ship crew or marine depend your country bank account requirement. You find many talented people to arrange this document for you

As example
Seafarer bank account
  • Seafarer’s declaration from the customer . No separate declaration will be required if the declaration is part of the AOF
  • A) For a permanent employee then in addition to the above the:
    • i. Initial work contract and
    • ii. Last wage slip (should not be more than six months old).
  • B) If the customer is a contract employee, then the following documents are also required:
    • i. Valid CDC is a mandatory document along with the last page of the disembarkation stamp
    • ii. Valid work contract with the last page of the wage slip or
    • iii. The expired/last contract letter, if the disembarkation stamp on CDC is not more than 6 months old
  • C) For oil rigs,
    • i. An expired contact letter can be accepted if the last disembarkation stamp on the passport from the country where the oil rig is situated is not more than six months old.
Note- All KYC Documents provided need to be self attested

P.S. I am not expert. Just find this solution. Before taking any decision talk to some expert.
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