Setup for small purchases made by UK clients


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I am looking for a setup which is offshore for tax saving purposes. This setup must be able to handle £30 online purchases by 100s of clients weekly based mainly in the UK. So the right payment gateway and bank account is crucial. My desire is not to become completely dark also I am happy to pay a bit of tax but not the amount the UK charges.
look forward to hearing you opinions and ideas. Regards.

Someone must be able to help me with this setup? Some very savvy users on here.


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Where do you live?

You could setup a entity in Georgia, Cyprus, Malta for the company setup and then use an EMI and PayPal to accept payments. It's well possible but of course not cheap.

With £3000 in turnover per week there must be some profit so the costs to setup something in one of these countries should be possible to be covered.