ShapeShift takes 14 business days to resolve a ticket!!

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  1. diablo

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    The other day I made an exchange from BTC to ETH using ShapeShift | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Simple Coin Conversion and everything was going good until aprox 1 hour later where the system suddenly say, contact a cryptocurrency specialist!!

    I posted all the data they requested i.e. order number, link, screenshot etc. and got a reply that it takes up to 14 business days to get an answer!!

    14 fucking days, I losy €500 in their shitty crap system! I hope there will come a lot of competition that will beat the crao out of this silly Company.

    How can a company with this size don't care more than to take 14 days to sort peoples issues out with their system?

    I assume they are doing a lot of Money this way, if they to this 1000 times a day with each order to be 500 euro it's a fucking €500,000 per day! Can you imagine how much Money people loose this way?
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    It's not the first time I have read about it! People seem to accept it because they are one of the very few available on the market as it is now. Only Changelly. Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate. may be one of their main competitors as I can find.

    Maybe someone with more knowledge may have some useful information for you in regards to what to do.
  3. diablo

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    You may be right but still, it's unacceptable that they can do this legally. I think they are speculating in this and also that there is a huge risk that they stop operating just when people trust them the most, taking all the money with them that may be locked.

    Imagine, if ShapeShift can wait 14 business days until they answer a ticket and even longer to resolve a ticket and they scam €500,000 or even much more a day this way, then it could be aprox €7 M on 14 days. In the past there were credit card processors that did this just to start up 2 months later!

    ShapeShift has taken the responsibility to manage other peoples money / assets just to gamble with them!
  4. icecold

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    Why do you think they are fraud? They could also just be a successful company which hasn't enough staff to support their customers?
  5. diablo

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    I don't believe they are fraud I believe they trick and fool people into their huge business and make huge profits from delaying payments like this for 14 days :mad:

    TRAPPIST1 New Member

    Never used them before but I was planning soon though I think I will wait some more before I use them, I would check on reddit in the search field for the last week there might be others in the same situation. Try out Cryptopia they seem to be more reasonable.
  7. icecold

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    Did you got your money or still waiting? I have a TRX running for 5 hours and still waiting for exchange.. art:!"

    TRAPPIST1 New Member

    There are alternatives to try out you know try searching for switchain its an impressive site.