Shelf Company or Ready-Made Company when you go for an offshore company

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    What is a Shelf Company or Ready-Made Company? When you consider to incorporate your business in an offshore jurisdiction like Cyprus, you will quickly be asked if you want a new offshore company incorporation or if it should be a Shelf Company (Ready-Made) not all know what exactly this question is about and often we get asked what the different is between an Shelf Company (Ready-Made company) and a new incorporation.

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    I think a shelf company and a ready made company in Cyprus has the same meaning. But setting up an offshore company in Cyprus is different. The ready made companies takes no time to start a business and a offshore company takes at least two weeks in Cyprus to come into operation.
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    It is most often the fastest way to get started with an offshore company since one don't need to wait until the company registration has take place. Most often agents have ready-made / dormant companies available for imediantly ordering.
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    If I trus the agent I would not mind to buy a dormant company from them unless it costs 2 or 3 times the money of course!