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Should I accept more than just paypal?


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Jan 3, 2009
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Sometimes I run into trouble with only offering paypal. Like yesterday for instance.

This guy wants to make a purchase from my site and emails me and says he has a debit card but no paypal or other payment accounts and he lives in egypt. So how do I accept his payment without the hassle of creating memberships on all of those other gateways and having to go through all of the hassle?

Should I just install a script on the website that will accept these credit card? I know paypal will let non members use a credit card but apparently only US residents. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Use some 3rd party processor and let them deal with the fraud if something goes wrong they will be hit not you.

Even if this is a very old thread it might be of interest for some of the people which are just entering into the online payment world for their e-commerce webiste.

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