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Sick of news


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Mar 3, 2009
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There's too much negative stuff on the news so I'm going to make it a point this weekend to stay away from the television, radio and Internet so I can get away from all of the garbage. Too much news starts to really get depressing.
That is a good idea. I am also thinking of a similar thing. The news recently have been too much bad to hear and it is full of sad stuffs and I am sure not many people would like watching news nowadays.
No, not turning off. Just change to the news of another country.

If you are watching CNN, take BBC for a while.

I have found out that different countries see things in different ways. So, if you want to know what other are thinking, take a look at their television.
Kejatz said:
Well, if there are bad news I want to be informed because I want to be prepared if something bad is coming. I wouldn't watch the TV if only "happy" news were present.
Nice positive thinking! Do you honestly think you would hear about bad news in time? The news seems to sugar coat alot of big things, unless it is like a hurricane or something
Well the media is really in the business to get ratings. To get ratings, they know people want to hear tragic/bad/saddening stuff. You can't blame them for doing what is best for the business.

Who wants to hear about kitties finding new homes instead of a new war with North Korea?

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