REVIEW Silver Membership - Now only €75 per year!


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To all valuable forum members,

We have listened to your voice in the last survey where many have participated.

You requested that it should be possible to Private Message people if you are new to the forum and you wanted more functionality and some of the annoying stuff removed from the beginning!

Now we have done exact that. If you subscribe to the Silver Membership which is only € 75 for ONE YEAR you will get the following upgrades to your account right now!

  • Contact / PM users directly using the build in messaging system at
  • Bypass “limit message length” , you only need to post min. 3 words!
  • You get a simple signature which you can use to promote some service
  • You will get a large Private Message box, which means you store everything you get in.
  • You can edit threads, posts, messages unlimited
This and much more is what you get if you signup for a Silver Membership of now!

We appreciate your support and hope to welcome you soon as a Silver member.


Admin :)


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Great move Admin - I stick to the mentor group to have access to the hidden forums. There is much to learn for me inside there. Keep up the good work and development of this awesome forum.


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Premium membership has changed to Silver Membership and will gain you even more features in the near future...

We will announce the additional features once they are online and ready.

Help & support the forum with your Silver Membership.