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Aug 29, 2009
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I've been reading so many posts on this forum for ways to promote a website. Here's a good comprehensive guide for all traffic-mongers.

Different types of sites can be promoted by different methods.

If yours is a website which involves online money making methods without involving products for sale, you can be satisfied with traffic exchanges, PTC advertising, or advertising in bux sites like bux.to.

But if you have a genuine info site with CPM or CPA offers and would like some traffic, you'll have to advertise your site in google for a few months before your site gets traffic. You'll also need to do some articles and put them up in directories. Another good way of getting traffic is setting up squidoo lenses and hubpages with you site's link in them.

One more thing, if your site has adsense, never try traffic exchanges, google may ban your site and close your adsense account.

Hope this helps!!

p.s: do not forget to press the thanks button. :D

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