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Sogexia money flows and gambling


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Jan 30, 2024
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I have couple questions for Sogexia users or ex users :D

1) Are there any problems with big money flows? I mean 20k+ single transaction and 100k+ monthly.
2) Are they gambling friendly?

I couldn't find much info about this bank, but trust pilot reviews are very good compared to other banks. Fees are quite high there, but maybe they don't ban people for gambling and other activities.
– Sogexia is not a bank but a LU EMI
– There should not be much problems with 20k+ single transaction and 100k+ monthly if all is legit (I mean, such amounts should not specifically induce complications)
– The general validity of TrustPilot reviews is IMO close to zero (frequently biased positively or negatively and created by people who do not understand the matter)
– I do not know whether they are gambling friendly but I rather doubt. (There are other EMIs for such a purpose like Finductive or Sepaga.)
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