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Some advice on hosting please


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Jan 8, 2009
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I am in need of some advice about whether to stay with my current host or upgrade.

I started off with this shopping cart, as it's very affordable for a WAHM like me, and I have gotten to know the admin section quite well, so it's quite easy for me.

However it does have its limitations, and ideally I'd like to have Australia Post integrated somehow so that accurate postage shipping is charged each and every order, not leaving me out of pocket.

Also I am unable to have my blog hosted there due to stability issues....so there goes my idea about increasing traffic that way.

Also I am about to "grow" and would like to add a section for wholesale where my retailers can log in with a password and order online.

Does anything like this exist, or should I stay with my current host?
You could alwasy go with a dedicated server from for instant liquidweb.com