Someone experience problem with neat ?


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I am a Neat user personal and business.
Since 3 days i got with my personal account my card deactivated by EPL.
The support doesnt answer me , in the past they was very responsive.
Someone got this problem too?


I would stay away from Neat. The fact that opening a business account can take weeks tells you they are by no way funded to operate an e-money business. A broke e-money business is not a good business....


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I do have the beta version for EUR accounts, which is still in beta since March 2019. Says enough.. stay far away from them. Even this beta version is 100% shit and nothing is working.


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The Neat Card is issued by ePaylinks Technology Co. Ltd (“ePaylinks”)~

maybe Neat is not bad, but ePaylinks is a bad company, I'm from China so I know it...I said this before~