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Stop hyjacking my thread with crap.
I only asked a simple question out of curiosity!
you must be retards if you cannot even look up any iban verification website and fill in your id number to see what comes up for you.
If it doesn't stirr your curiosity or you don't care then move along to another post.
Yall want to act all wise here but once someone comes with an open/ weird question you feel the need to act superior and smash their opinion.
Look in the mirror, you are not better then what the rest of the world is doing with information and truth
Peace out!


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Each person on the world has an account run on bis bank in switzerland.
15 years ago when that topic was basicly hidden to public you could have checked your birth certificate which is a security and what value your account has.
It has been quickly closed for public once more and more people looked for it.
Martin doesn't know history or the diffrence between natural law and civil law.
He has been teached that the worlds biggest recession was just a simple recession.He has not been teached that after that recession bankers and broke states made a deal to implement birth certificates whiuch by law are securities.He also doesn't understand the diffrence by law between the word "human" and "person".
He is unable to understand that with signing the birth certificate he creates a legal commercial entity which is run under civil law and which can be taxed.
Of course the history goes way beyond that and started with the catholic church in the 1500's .
World War I was a war to uphold status quo of bankers.
King Wilhelm put into his constitution that 'EVERYONE IS BEING BORN AS FREE HUMAN AND THAT CIVIL DEATH (Changing a Human into a Person) is forbidden and ilegal.
Bankers didn't liked it since it would mean they could not tax the people like they wish.

Of course to understand it fully it needs a lot of education of real history , law , agendas etc .

Asking for a link actually shows he won't be capable of understanding it anyways since he already had so many points what to look for but he thinks somebody owns him some kind of explanation.
If he belives it or not is nothing i care.People with logical self thinking and ability to do a research themself will surely find this information usefull to what exectly look for.

Person = latin Persona = Mask

here a nice vid from freeman in uk how court can't get jurisdiction over them because they deny being a person

I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOLLOWING IT ,if you have no clue what you are doing since one mistake and by giving them jurisdiction over you ,you can land quickly in jail as person.
Thank you for sharing. I have seen a few of such videos but usually it doesn't end that well. You need to know the law really well! And keep your composure.
Anyhow such people are oftern ridiculed for standing up as people think they want to get out of paying for things like public roads, electricity etc.
You must be living under a rock if you think at 50% taxes your whole life, goverments only use your money for this lol
Thats why most of you are also here, to pay no or as little taxes so not much difference....

Martin Everson

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Yall want to act all wise here but once someone comes with an open/ weird question you feel the need to act superior and smash their opinion.

Don't get upset that people don't go along with this delusion. We are just trying to humor you.


You are one of the lucky ones then.
Mine doesn't work with that number, that's only the account ID for me, I need some missing codes. But it only works in some countries.

A man I knew used this procedure a few times, and he took the money for other friends too.
if you haven't redeemed it yet, you better call the bank before they get their hands over it!
If I were you I'd tell them I'd want to withdraw it all as cash.
Call them before, tell them you're coming and that should be ~600k usd, so they should prepare it. Do not give them any detail by phone.
If they don't want to tell you anything by phone, just tell them you're coming to withdraw them.
Then go straight there. They fit easily in a gym bag.
Go there with a gym bag, cover yourself they're going to ID scan your face through cameras.
Wear dark tracksuit (e.g. adidas), sun glasses, hat, gym bag, covid mask.
Gym bag on left hand. Right hand always inside the right tracksuit pocket. Not pants pocket, tracksuit's pocket.
It's a secret masonic gesture.
Maybe the young clerk will not understand, but the manager will as soon as he sees you.
If you have to indicate something, indicate with the right finger inside your pocket.
Do not let them see/photo/scan your right index finger. Do not touch buttons with your right finger index. Right hand always inside your tracksuit's pocket.
Be very suspicious of anyone when you enter the bank. i.e. continuously look around yourself, be aware of your surroundings.
Ask them how to do it and tell that you want it now and they must give it to you.
If they complain, tell them that you know the whole iban story, the commercial code, nwo, tell them that you know the manager is a brother freemason, their bank logo symbology and everything up to the templars and that they worship god Ra.
Don't be ashamed if there are other people around. That's your money now.
Throw the gym bag over the counter and tell them to fill it with the money right now, or your not going to leave the place until they fill the bag.
If they don't fill, then come back another day, maybe they don't really have cash and will refill the next day.
If they fill it, go home. But you better run. Many saw you with the money.
then report us how much exactly it is.
good luck.
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Perhaps some of you might have heard of the straw man sovereign theory, stating that their is a secret trust linked to your birth certificate....
I keep dabbling into this kind of information because to me this whole system is build on dark schemes a long time ago.
anyway I filled in my id card number into the search iban and behold there is a bank acoount with my name on it listed at an international bank!
who else wants to try it out?
I did the same, it's true
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