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    I'm new to this forum, and don't want to get off on the wrong foot by stepping out of line, because I think it's a terrific forum :)

    However, I find it extremely inconvenient, unnecessary, and frustrating that I can't PM anybody without having already made 30 posts (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way). I also think it encourages people to post whatever waffle comes into their head, just to ramp up their volume of posts and gain access to personal messaging.

    I can appreciate that rules are rules, and that you obviously want us all to make contributions, however this particular rule seems problematic. Whenever I join a forum, I tend not to post for a long time, because I'm still in the reading phase, and I prefer to shut my mouth when I have nothing genuine to add to the conversation.

    Also, I'm keen to sign up for group mentor access, however I fear that once I make the payment, I still won't be able to contact anybody due to my lack of posts. Which is just ridiculous.

    I'm not attacking anybody, just outlining my concerns.
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    Hello, welcome aboard :)

    Your first post you made here with the only message to the forum owners that you want to contact people without to contribute to the forum thu&¤#

    I'm happy with the rule since it keep away the free loaders, spammers and don't fill my inbox with questions that people could have posted in a thread.

    But you are on the way already, your first post, keep posting and you will make it soon, nice to have you hear.

    BTW: If you signup for mentor group access you can PM people and get a larger mailbox.:p
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  3. Joey32

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    That's fair enough! I can respect the rule.

    I'm not a freeloader, and I want to make helpful contributions to the forum. However, the point I am making is that sometimes it's difficult to make posts - especially if you are uneducated about a particular subject, and don't know what to say.

    That's all :)
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    Hello Joey32, welcome to the forum :)

    We won't accept people that just have registered on the forum to come here and "PM spam" all users. We have many agent's on OffshorecorpTalk.com that are looking for new business and that don't know what a forum is, how to behave on a forum and just think they can come here an spam the hell out of it without contributing to the forum with their knowledge.

    Over the months I have seen and been made aware of many tricks from people that try to get in touch with the users asking for help, just to sell them their services! It's not right to do that, and it's not allowed, don't even if you upgrade to Mentor Group.

    In that case, you may have a look at the many threads around on this forum, min. 50% of these threads are from people that don't know even the most simple thing but have opened a thread. As you may have notices, no one is going to make a joke about it! People here are very polite and try to help.

    All that said, you will see that most serious forums around will have similar policy in place to avoid spam and to ensure their members feel comfortable :)
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    I don't mind asking stupid questions it has been helping me to get me setup with a offshore corp.