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Swine flu (Mexican flu) outbreak Thailand


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Jun 14, 2009
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Phuket closing bars for 5 days to avoid spreading.

s**t's spreading like a crazy here in Pattaya too. 3-4 Days ago 2 Taiwanese student tourists spreaded the disease at here. Mouthcaps are popping up more every day now. Yesterday I went inside a Booths drugstore and the employees at there were all wearing these green mouthcaps. I aint seeing any Agogo for a while now

Having that said, is it true that the fatality percentage is the same of that of normal influenza? As in only weak people (elderly) die from complications?
When people laugh off the N1H1 virus and say its all "media hype" and pull out the statistics that the "normal flu" kills X number every year and laugh off the number of people who get and die from N1H1 its disturbing.

The normal flu kills so many every year because it is so wide spread. Sure its killed and kills a number or stat higher than that of the N1H1. But keep in mind N1H1 is just at its start here. Given the chance to spread like the regular flu and it the number of deaths will make the normal flu look like nothing.

The pressure that has been put on the World Health Organizations to keep quiet is also disturbing. Governments trying to put a lid on the "hype" is what is really going on in fear that it will hurt the economy with panics.
I would like to correct Safa. It's not N1H1 its H1N1 sorry Safa :peace:. Back to topic, I guess this virus now is spreading like hell. Though the WHO says that it is not deadly, It still gives you worries.

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