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Temperature touches 48 degress in Asian countries!!


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Jun 20, 2009
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I read it somewhere that temperature in Asian countries like India is touching the whooping 48 degree Celsius! Can you believe it? 48 degree..?

And this is the case with their metro cities. What would live out their mannn ??

I think its high time that we start thinking about global warming
That so sad to hear, Reaching to 48 degrees is worse than staying longer time in a sauna bath. I wish people start thinking about our planet. There will be a time that This world of ours can't handle it anymore.
Yep the temperature here in asia is on arise.The summer is on a rise and when it rains it becomes more humid and unbearable.The moment you move out in the sun you start sweating like a leakage in a water tank.Seriously the condition becomes pathetic.

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