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Terrorism rocks and shocks


Offshore Agent
Feb 14, 2009
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Terrorism in today's world has gained lots of strength all over. I do not know how they get money and kill people mercilessly. The biggest threat is that Al-Qaeda is gaining strength in pakistan and are accquiring territory.
Yes it is very alarming that these terrorists are going very strong. They just happen to get access to the most destructive weapons. How and from where they are getting funds - is beyond my understanding-who is supporting these people?
I am agree with both of you.I think it is the responsibly of every citizen to help in fight against terrorism. There is a great need of a revolution in our political view about terrorism.
It is a cause of concern. A large number of innocent lives are being wasted in the name of terrorism. Terrorism is something that should be eliminated which can be done only when the whole world unites under one banner until then it would be cat and mouse game.