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!NEWS! The change in memberships: Seller becomes Bronze!


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Dec 29, 2008
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Bronze replace Seller membership!

We have noticed that there has been a lot of confusion regarding Bronze and our Seller memberships, so we have decided to merge these two. This means that with a Bronze membership, you now also get access to the Marketplace private sales.

Instead of having a Bronze with one set of privileges and a Seller with another set of privileges, they are now combined, and you get everything in Bronze.

Remember that the Bronze membership is paid for one year at a time and that it does not grant access to the Mentor Group Gold's secret forums and privileges.

Also remember that as a BRONZE member, you can send and receive PM / DM even with new accounts,
but you must still comply with the forum rules.

If you are not a Bronze member yet, you can hurry up and click on this link to become one right now.

PS: If you are already a member of Mentor Group or Mentor Group Gold, you do not need to do anything
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