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The extend and means of misuse


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Jan 11, 2009
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It is extremely difficult to quantify with any precision the extent of misuse of the corporate vehicles for illicit purposes. Nonetheless, a number of reports and suveys have concluded that corporate vehicles are used extensively in criminal activities. For example, a recent survey conducted of EU member States indicated that almost every crimincal act, including economic crimes, involves the use of legal persons and the Euroshore Report asserted that corporations throughout the world are used to launder money.

Tax authorities in OECD member countries have also expressed concern that individuals using corporate entities to hide their assets and activities in order to escape taxes legally due will likely grow.

Jut for general information, then it isn't always because of tax and criminal activities people register a offshore company :)
Thank you for your contribution, this is some good information, especially since it underline the importance to not use an offshore company for illegal activities and that it is legit to have an offshore company.
Reall good reading, I believe many people out there are using the offshore company registration as a method to hide their activities or to run from the TAX authorities. But hey, I would do the same if I had the money.

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