The FBI Just Seized Over $3.6 Billion in Bitcoin from the August 2016 Bitfinex Hack

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Agree. Use services like vercrypt or similar on some USB drive or extra partition on your harddrive where you store your most important information. Just don't forget your password.

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Absolutely none of them and I mean none.

Anything private that you want to keep on a cloud drive encrypt it yourself before placing there. Never believe a word about the cloud providers claims to
I am surprised to hear that. Years ago, I used a system based in Switzerland that encrypted your data at both ends, both before you sent your information and then after they received it. So, it used two keys and it did not have your key. Its servers were also located in safe jurisdictions, including Switzerland. It was protected by the Swiss legal system and claimed that even if a court ordered them to turn over data it could not do so without the customer's key. Sadly, it went out of business. It was so long ago that I can no longer recall the name of the company.

I could not find a similar replacement, so I went to idrive and later to Acronis. But I do not have sensitive data to protect. I would never use MS or Google. I am amazed to hear that a similar service (double encryption, two-key) does not exist today. Or is it just that you suspect that every company will create a backdoor means of entry?

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Or is it just that you suspect that every company will create a backdoor means of entry?

You mean front door. Look at share number of requests Microsoft gets. Search for your country and see number of requests from your government. Look at amount from UK and Germany for example and even India. Never trust any cloud provider. Encrypt all data yourself.

"Content is what our customers create, communicate, and store on or through our services, such as the words in an email exchanged between friends or business colleagues or the photographs and documents stored on OneDrive (formerly called SkyDrive) or other cloud offerings such as Office 365 and Azure. We require a warrant or its equivalent before we will consider disclosing content to law enforcement."


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I used a system based in Switzerland that encrypted your data at both ends

It's up to you to encrypt your data. If any service says that they will encrypt your data at both ends, then you are trusting their processes.

Also, beware about your devices. There was a judge led inquiry in the UK some years ago; testimony from a former government employee in the private sector was along that lines of "we can only install software on your computer if you open the attachment, but emails from a government agency can run the code even if you don't click the attachment".

Android, Iphone, Windows, whatever. That's not paranoia. It's acknowledgement that when the finest minds in cyber security find a backdoor, they don't send an email to The Register, they keep it quiet.

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