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The Mentor Group Gold - Governments no longer accept this concept.


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Dec 29, 2008
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Mentor Group Gold
While we try to keep everything crystal clear for everyone, we understand there are certain things you may not get straight away. This thread will give you a brief insight into something more and more people ask about, the Mentor Group Gold membership and other upgrades.

We’ll showcase the differences between different upgrades, as well as the advantages of Mentor Group Gold, Premium, Lifetime or Light memberships. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks. Let’s go!

The first difference​

Being a premium user of the OffshoreCorpTalk forum shows professionalism. Your membership is displayed by your username with different colors or badges, so everyone can see it.

Why is it beneficial? Simple. If you run a business or a service or you provide a product, being a premium member shows your dedication. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You’d rather shop from someone with a reputation than a new user.
mentor group gold & Our Mission

Your membership means:​

  • You’re a professional.
  • You’re going the extra mile.
  • You have access to extra guides, experience and knowledge.
We have more than 24,000 users today. Most of them are here to discuss, ask questions, read guides and learn more about one thing or another. They’re looking for solutions and knowledge, something we’re proud to provide.

But then, there’s a small percentage of these users who want more, the so-called “special community”. These users are more advanced. They run a business or they want to start a business venture.

They need more information and that’s when the premium membership kicks in, offering access to exclusive guides, contacts, services, advertising solutions, you name it. These are the people who are ready to take the next step in business.

What makes the Mentor Group Gold membership special​

The Mentor Group Gold is our ultimate package and mainly aimed at the elite and those who want to join the elite. These are the people who eat knowledge and education for breakfast. They don’t spend half an hour scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, but they try to find solutions to their everyday problems.

The Mentor Group Gold membership is for those who have realized they live in a surveillance society. This isn’t just about China, North Korea or other countries with such a reputation, but also the USA, the UK or EU countries.

In today’s society, a successful businessman leaves half the profits to the government, a government who’s more than happy to take advantage of their hard work, chances and risks.

The Mentor Group Gold membership is for doers, simple as that. You’ll find exclusive guides and services that are not available in the public forums. You’ll find threads and forums for the elite, where people find customers and business partnerships right away.

Sure, the main forums will give you some valuable information, but that’s the first part of the process. If you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll need to go further.

The exclusive information we provide will help you earn back your membership expenses hundreds of even thousands times more. It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

You’ll find details that will save you time, money and frustrations. You’ll meet people who can help, offer services or products that will directly affect your offshore venture. There’s no room for fatal mistakes or scams.

A community, rather than a forum​

The OffshoreCorpTalk portal is a community based on like-minded people. Some would call us idealists, but that’s what makes us stand out. Take a minute to think about it, every successful businessperson out there has come out of their comfort zone.

The Mentor Group Gold section is based on supporters with active offshore operations, people who support us in transmitting a message about the downsides of being a common person. It’s a group based on skilled entrepreneurs looking to share what they know or learn more.

Everyone on this forum is a supporter and we thank you for that, but knowledge means nothing without action.

Here at OffshoreCorpTalk, like you may already know, we believe that every man is the architect of their own fortune.

Governments no longer accept this concept. They want you to be an ignorant sheep that follows the same unwritten rules, get a loan to get educated, work like a slave and forget about your dreams, too worried to take care of your debt.

That’s exactly what we work against. And with the Mentor Group Gold membership, you’re not just supporting the cause, but you’re also finding the confidence and help to step out of the system and own your well deserved fortune.

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I'm sure the people who let the governments face sitting them are the same who claim this world has only good people and everyone else can be saved so that they turn their backs on the bad and become obedient citizens so they can be part of the face sitting meetings in the tax office.
Thank you for your feedback, it's great to see so many like-minded people in our community, and above all, it also confirms that OCT is not alone in its perception of the new global economic landscape.
How did you do that back then? Cash? Btc was just born and egold just dead, so I don’t know of other alternatives.
Mostly cash (at the time), yeah. And bank accounts all over the place (read: "counter measures"). So, I guess I wasn't completely "out", but I had made the mental shift to leave the Matrix.
Guys I love you and your mission, pleasure to support the forum as much as it allow me.
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I am happy to support your community and have already found interesting information and methods that have paid for my subscription many times over. I couldn't get this information from a lawyer; at least he looked at me dumbfounded when I suggested a model that I found in the mentor group. I am now implementing this on my own.
Thank you for all your fine posts, it's very good to hear that there are a few of us who think alike about the new world order and all the many rules the masses have to comply with.

We continue our diligent work towards helping all entrepreneurs become the architects of their own fortune and constantly come up with new initiatives.
When I first read the headline in my email, I thought that things were completely wrong with OCT - then I calmed my nerves again, and can only wish you all the best for 2024 - the whole community is a gift to this world.
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Crypto has made the change in my business life like this OCT did.
When I first read the headline in my email, I thought that things were completely wrong with OCT - then I calmed my nerves again, and can only wish you all the best for 2024 - the whole community is a gift to this world.
Thank you both for your feedback. I hope we can grow this community together ;)
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I have always been happy to support a good cause and help those who look after my interests and share my opinions. OffshoreCorpTalk does that, and therefore I am glad that I found my way to this universe.
Your feedback is much appreciated, If there is anything you want to discuss further, please do not hesitate to post here or PM.