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Feb 25, 2009
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There are a lot of companies in the Internet that propose the service of the submiting of the websites to the big number of the search engines. But can such service really helps to increase the rank of the site?
Off course. I dont many legit companies with a good services. They can help you to be in the top ten google, but the price is depends with your keywords. So you better save some budget first
Submitting a site to a large number of search engines has nothing to do with the rank of a website. If a company can help you with off and on page search engine optimization techniques then this could help the ranking of your site.
bluet said:
I dont think it help in any way. What you need is to build a huge number of backlinks and submit to website directory and article directory, and you need to do blog comment etc
This just about sums it all up! If you follow this guy's strategy, you'll end up in the first page if google.

Just make the right decisions about article directories, maintain good content and you traffic levels will soar.