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this HIV story got me thinking ......


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Jan 26, 2009
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i remember when AIDS first hit, Ryan White, Ali Gertz, dude from Starsky and Hutch's wife, Magic Johnson - these people became national celebrities, their lives followed by the media throughout their illness until death. 20 years later and people get HIV and AIDS and you don't hear anything. There are no more movies made about people with AIDS.

the most bizarre thing I ever heard during the AIDS hysteria of the 80's was on Howard Sterns radio show, Tiny Tim the oddball entertainer came on the show around Christmas and sang his new song, a Christmas song. Even Howard was pretty shocked, at that point in the AIDS epidemic not even shock jocks like Howard were making fun of AIDS. Tiny Tim was known to be a very nice weird man, nothing mean spirited about him - so this song seemed bizarre.

it's one of the oddest songs ever - every Christmas I think about it, Santa's Got the AIDS This Year'.

Machida said:
I don’t even know the people that you mentioned aside from Magic Johnson.
I would like to correct you; magic john did have a name before he got the AIDS. He is a superstar in the hard court.
DITO..... however very controversial topic.

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