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Trekpay Proxy faults corrected!


Offshore Agent
Sep 12, 2009
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Hope many have joined trekpay from here too. I am not a regular there. From Today they put up new rules. From now onwards they dont accept anyone using proxy servers to login. they are banning proxy server IPs very soon. Also referrals which are not active will not be paid for. that is to contain the creation of fake referrals. Just a few days back I saw a post in a website where one guy bragged about how he got more than 700 referrals and how he used proxy servers and so on. now that the trekpay admin woke up and decided to clean all these illegitimate activity. its good for all the genuine members who participate there faithfully.
Blogging proxies can be a difficult task, new are pupping up faster than you can ban them, but you have to start somewhere...