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Troubles with the article view!


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Dec 29, 2008
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After some changes yesterday, we figured out today that there are some minor issues with the Article view, at least if you click on one of them and navigate to page 2 or if you click on them from the main page of the forum.

See the result here:

We are working on it with the developer and hope to have sorted it out soon, until then click on "click to expand...." and the page will behave normal.
Thought it was my browser :p
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It is fixed now, should you still experience problems, please post here :)
Do you still work on it... the numbers on the left looks strange eek¤%&
Yes still working on it.. will take some time to get it all sorted out as we would like to have it, but we trust in the developer thu&¤#
It's all set, home those who read the articles can see how easy it is to navigate and find the highlights.
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