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Twice the Money out of the ATM mashine


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Jan 5, 2009
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Hundreds of people flocked to a Nationwide Building Society cash machine in Manchester yesterday after it started dispensing twice the amount of money requested.

Great story, I wish it was me that was on this ATM :D
Yes, it would have been. But I'm sure you won't enjoy it as much when the bank rectifies the mistake and debits your accounts accordingly. Unless you withdraw everything you've got and disappear from the face of the earth or stash the stolen cash somewhere no one can find, it won't be that easy to steal from a money machine.
I know that most of you would like to be there when that ATM is not functioning well. The problem will come after that. Do you think that you can get away with the excess money?

The excess would be deducted to your account too!
The flip side of excess cash at withdrawals is no cash dispensed and your account has already reflected the deduction. When you complain to the bank, they can trace the undispensed cash and return the funds to your account. The same goes for excesses in cash dispensed. The bank will be able to trace the accounts and the actual cash dispensed on each transaction and will take it out of your account.
You know that this little ATM machine has a little printer, which prints every move this machine does?

If the machine grabs one note for 50 and took two. This is recorded on the printing and on the chip inside the ATM machine.

So, if you get 200 instead of 100, you pay 200 to your bank.
I still prefer wining the lottery. They bring the money into my account.

So I do not have the carry it from the ATM machine to me at home and count the notes to bring it back to the bank.

Lottery is still easier.