UK EMI IBAN for UK Limited company

Could you share few EMIs which are best for a UK LTD company?
Could you describe the opening process (like if they require video verification, if require app verification, if require verification with smartphone and geolocalization) for each?

Directors are from EU EEA, not UK residents.

I need 2-3 UK EMIs which could be opened fast. Best if I can open an account without smartphone/geolocalization during setup.


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Depending on your business activity, maybe Revolut business could be a good option.
Thanks for your reply.
Revolut is good option but I use this EMI with other non-uk company. I don't want link businesses (2 companies in one EMI) because I have bad experience with it. For ex. If have problems with one company account, then 2nd account will be affected too.

I need 2-3 business accounts. One of these accounts I want use to buy bitcoins from localbitcoins partners or from online exchanges.
1-2 other accounts I want use to receiving payments from my business partners. I have 4-5 business partners and one payments processor.
Business is 100% white.


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Well Revolut went crazy lately, i know 20 different users who got account blocked under review etc etc.... After two months they closed accounts and send money back from where it came from.


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epayments & sogexia : you apply from desktop and they do accept Uk's LTD, and provide GB iban.


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with sogexia, can you trf funds to transferwise/etc, or can you only make payments to other sogexia account holders?
About . They have stupid policy.
In short - you must have residence and company in the same country. If you have company in UK, but you are lives in CZ you must pay 750euro for documents check during setup. You have no guarantee that they open account. If you have lucky and they open account you must pay 200 EUROS per month for account maintance.

Similar to Holvi but holvi have option only for business and residence in the same country.


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About . They have stupid policy.

You're right, Sorry I hadn't seen those conditions:


² For the purposes of this tariff offer, a legal entity is considered a European Union resident if the entity is registered in an EU country, its headquarters, business and management are located in the country of registration and its beneficiary is a citizen of the country of registration. Exceptions to this definition may apply, e.g. companies registered in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, and UK, and individuals related to such companies, may still be serviced in accordance with the pricelist for international clients. Please contact a representative of the Bilderlings for more details
But... maybe you are right: "Exceptions to this definition may apply, e.g. companies registered in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, and UK "
Maybe they accept UK company with director who is CZ (or other EEA) resident.

I need find more information about this EMI. Elve thanks for this.

Anyway if someone have more option please share:)