Upaycard.com Reviews?


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Does anyone have experience with upaycard.com? It seems promising but I don't get if it's reliable or not.



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They are actually very good. Kinda slow to work with sometimes. Very high demand. They cater to a LOT of offshore providers.
They do ask for documents (which is good so they don't get shut down like MisterTango) but overall pretty easy to work with.

I hope they are around for many years to come. The regulators are out of control.


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I used them for several years now. They had some changes internally recently and I think they moved offices and changed the corporate structure. I dont know why but I heard it was because of a money laundering investigation. Once in awhile something weird will happen like the account will randomly come under compliance review and this can last several weeks. But overall Upaycard has been reliable for sending international wire transfers at a very high price. I am glad we have them as a partner.

Overall I would recommend them assuming you are in a high risk niche.