USA Prepaid card (USD, loaded via ACH) for EU's ATM?


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Dear all, I am wondering if anyone knows any either prepaid cards provider or broker who has USA prepaid cards available, similar to:

cashpass done
pnc smartaccess prepaid visa

I also tried univisiontarjeta but this one cannot be loaded via ach from own account. The reason I cannot use them is because providers, particularly Nexscard, are requesting impossible to happen requirements in order to activate either already shipped or not yet shipped card. Netspend won't work. Paypal's prepaid is even worse due to too low limits.


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You cannot request on card's website ACH direct debit to fund that card. Instead, ACH must be sent from the bank's side (online banking) to greendot's card account and routing number.

The card I'm looking for must have ACH direct debit feature so funds are debited on bank account. Having said that, the request must be done on card's website and not bank's website as outgoing transaction.

Does anyone know such card? Similar to NexsCard perhaps but no one is selling them.