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Virtual Assistant from India


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Sep 13, 2009
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Hi All,

Its a pleasure being a part of CCLogic.

Though, there is an endless list of forum sites and blogs, but I found this one different. I not only get all my queries answered but I have also stopped by reading many other topics which has turned out to be very helpful.

I am one of the Virtual Assistants from India, VA one of the booming jobs currently.

I work on paid sign-ups, PTC sites, work closely with bloggers and do a bit of freelance writing too.

Its fun, a good use of time I'll say and not a time pass, and the best part is it pays you well.

happy blogging to all and enjoy writing.
What is virtual assistant?

Forgive me theBrain for asking this, but I really am not aware of this terminology. If you can shed light on what is it that you do then may be I will be able to understand something. Have you undergone some special training to become a virtual assistant? And the big question, does it eventually pay?
Well i too would like to know more about virtual assistant . The name sure says its bout someone working in a remote place assisting someone else online without actually being there . But how actually is the job? Is it good to e taken up by all?