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VPS in Europe


Active Member
VPS accounts from panamaserver.com and hosting.uk are attractive for me and I have to select the best one for hosting a forum, so what would you do being in my place?


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How large is your website and what are its storage needs?

I definitely know that truth comes out of a comparison.
Take a look at QHoster.com as well as Centohost.com - they offer feature-rich VPS hosting accounts.
The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.


Active Member
VPS accounts from HostingSource.com and QHoster.com are good enough to sign up with.
You'll be pleased with them. Wonderful/dependable customer service who are always online. They have no hidden fees-very upfront about prices.


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Don't let other peoples experience decide for you, listen to what other clients say, and decide for yourself.

Personally I've had a good run dealing with vpsblocks.com.au vps hosting service. Get 80% off your first monthly payment. Code: 80OFF


New member
For hosting a forum, you need reliable and fast VPS. In Europe are a lot of such. Please specify, what is your budget and required configuration for VPS


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IMHO, Vpsget.com will serve your demands. Finally I signed up with them. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good.


New member
Good Morning Sir Nadim,
From my small point of view, I may recommend Hyonix.
It is a one man operation, its european server is in UK, costumer service is wonderful and super responsive.
Prices quite affordable.


Active Member
VPS accounts from QHoster.com and Rockhoster.com are worth trying due to their top-notch services.
Their cost efficiency is very high considering the below-average prices and account specifications correlation.


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I found QHoster.com by searching a web hosting provider in the Net.
The absolute best webhost I've ever worked with and used for any business' and accounts.
Their support always ready to help...
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