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Warning! Robbers ALSO want to know if you own ANY crypto, and they will do a home-invasion robbery armed with machetes to steal your crypto!

Not likely.

Key rule with owning crypto is keep your mouth shut and don't boast to friends (especially women and girlfriends), family or strangers about your bag or involvement with crypto. For example telling a girl you made $400k in crypto is like telling them you have $400k in cash in your house. Times are hard and you don't know the next mans hunger or the willingness of your girl to set you up.

P.S Maybe because I am from a developing country I automatically know this. I even tell my girlfriend nothing about what I have in general.
I agree with you. I reviewed his pages, and it’s evident that he wasn’t thinking clearly when he posted all this information online, not to mention what he likely shared in real life.

However, my main point is that the situation in the EU/UK has deteriorated to the extent that I’m not surprised this is happening, regardless of operational security. Residents are forced (legally) to rely on the police and justice system to handle things appropriately. Keeping your wealth a secret is the first step, but having measures in place for when people inevitably find out shouldn’t be illegal.

And only wise men keep their money and love separated. ;)
Why work when you can scan Twitter for idi**s, and rob them?

Exactly this literally happens on IG and SC etc. People flex stuff give off their location and get robbed at gun point. There are people literally waiting to catch you slipping on social media if your friends and family don't rob your first.

Police: Pop Smoke’s social media led killers to LA home​

---- quote start
Rapper Pop Smoke accidentally revealed his address on Instagram the night before masked thugs broke in and shot him.
---- quote end

Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robber​

---- quote start

French police said that Kardashian's use of Snapchat may have alerted the robbers to the jewelry that she had with her in Paris, as well as the fact that she was in the hotel room alone.

--- quot end
Some people need to learn to keep their mouths shut and not brag about what they have or don't have!
Many years ago, I joined a Coin-collecting forum. It was based in the USA and I was surprised to find a section for gold/silver coins and bars as investments. Some people were forever talking about their 'stash' of bullion and posting photos of their gold/silver on the forum!! Some photos showed a window through which you could see certain landmarks. This was before security, VPNs, geotagging etc were hot topics. I often wonder how many of those idiots got identified and robbed.
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