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Apr 16, 2009
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I have the ability to design websites with custom codes and language scripts. I was thinking of starting my own designing website for getting projects. Have any one tried this type of business before and what is your view on the success rate in this business.
I would say your success will depend on the network you have in the online world, if you have a lot of friend which can help you "spread the word" you will be able to make a good income.

Don't forget the business of web design is floated and you will find hundred of thousands which offer Web Design to people out there, you will really need to have some niche or as mentioned a good network of people willing to help you.
If you have a good knowledge and unique perspective in web design why not. But you have to have a good contact person or a good sales person who is very industrious to contact online because you have a lot of competitors.
Like <<snippet>> has already said, there are lots of competitions in the online industry that you really need to work harder than your competitors.

A good resource for finding a client is those webmaster forums because all of the people there are all webmasters. Try to start a thread about your service and I’m sure that you can find one.
In web design business, your success is mostly depend upon your ability to think in a unique way, and off course the publicity is also a main factor to get success in online business.

So you should start with a new thread in web master forums like this one.
In web designing You need to be very knowlegable and efficient Web designer and I must say, you should be having lot of contacts in market. In starting you need to take help from a wel known web desining company to get small projects. that may help you to get good business.
Web Designing is in demand now a days. Opening a Company based on Website Designing is really a good idea. You are good at Custom code and Scripts then I would suggest you to hire a Grapics designer who will design a Webpage for you and you will have to make a logic for it. This way you will be able to work fast.

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