web host in the USA to get reseller hosting?


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Hey guys,
I need your help to choose the right web host in the USA to get reseller hosting account.
Anyone to help me?
- 200 GB HD, - Linux
I have found these ones: Dailyrazor.com and Kvchosting.net - their pricing suits my budget.
Any info on their server stability and speed? What host is better? Why?


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I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host. DailyRazor.com is trustworthy one in the Usa.
Your site will get loaded lightning fast and applications run far better as compared to any other hosting environment.


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+ vote for kvchosting.net ssd web hosting accounts:
- great network uptime (server stability is great)
- fast speed connectivity (powerful processors)
- helpful tech support center (responsive team)
They never sell overshared network as many other hosts do, so your sites will be always up and very fast.


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I have tried several web hosts but non of them beat Kvchosting.net ssd based hosting provider.
I also like their pricing for such feature-rich web hosting packages.
Easy to use, friendly interface!


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If you ask me, I know also Hostforweb.com is good for getting feature-rich hosting accounts in the Usa.
This decent web host offers fast international network, friendly technical support and 100% customer satisfaction.


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There are a lot of web hosting companies in the USA which can offer and provide you with this kind of the services.
But you need to describe what type of account you need? Reseller? Master reseller?
In any case I can recommend you to have a look and check hostingsource.com, hostgator.com, kvchosting.net.