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FOR SALE Website Design & Graphic design 80€


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Oct 20, 2023
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Hello, how are you?

I create showcase websites for your companies or businesses at a price of only €80. I am offering this price because I need to build a good portfolio to start freelancing.

I can also create Python scripts (Telegram bots, etc.). Despite the very low price, your website will be well-made.

Télégram @Sanctifie
Êtes-vous ouvert à un entretien et à un test

Are you open for an interview and a test?
Yeah I left you a message to find out more

wow ok that is very appealing, considering I am paying EUR 2k now for someone to create a site on wordpress for me...
Normally, I charge more than that, but currently, I need money for the next school year. I was scammed out of a small amount, which is a lot for me. So, I’m in a hurry to make $9k before September
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Are you also doing professional banner's - light wight etc.?

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