What’s the advantage of a 2nd citizenship for Belgian citizens?

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I understand the benefits if your original citizenship isn’t very powerful.

But what would be the benefits for a Belgian citizen? (Or people with other strong European citizenships)


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Belgium has in normal cases 0% capital gains tax (only EU country I think), a strong passport for travel, strong welfare. I would say you benefit very little unless you fear or plan to do something that angers the government or its overlord the EU, or if the Germs invade, indeed lol.

Maybe for some E-businesses or god knows what happens with Russia.

Other EU countries have much higher taxes, more invasive laws that makes it easier for people or businesses to get closer to your assets, worse welfare, etc.

Belgium is suckling the EU tit quite well. 1/50 people in Brussels is a lobbyist. Thats a lot of money flowing in.

So if you can tolerate the EU very little, but if you cant then probably like Fleece said a lot.
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I thought Belgium had one of the highest taxes in EU? Can you clarify?

Also do you think Belgium is good for asset protection?
Its average. Not good at all but some EU countries have government controlled bailiff organizations and court systems that proceed regardless if you have been officially served or not, as long as you you ve goten an adress.
People have had their credit scores destroyed and assets seized over just being on vacation from Denmark or Sweden.

Income tax is high but capital gain tax is 0 with some exceptions for ultra-speculative behaviour.

So it depends on what you want to do I guess. If you already have money Belgium is fine, you can live all over the world and then invest as a Belgian citizens. But if you want to build yourself a career and make money that way it´s not so good.
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