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WHAT ARE SOME GREAT "liquid" or semi liquid Bearer instruments that people "rarely talk about and are very legit"

are you talking about "bearer" instruments in general or specifically physically transportable?
Either one void........

There are for example gift cards but what if the company goes out of business and it's only exclusively for that company. I personally like the Costco hack in which people buy Costco cards for their friends to avoid membership fees :) .... The other problem with this costco card is you can't just use it in any country. But your friend saves money without you being there :)

Maybe I should have asked in another way like about *worldwide" negotiable instruments that are great, legit and relatively easy to liquidate.
it might be worth digging into stamps - way better suitable for stealth transportation/smuggling compared to art or expensive watches, well chosen stamps are allegedly pretty liquid globally - however I'm no expert here, just sharing what I heard from couple of self-proclaimed experts I talked to some time ago, do your own research as usual
The "D" is not for me .....Stamps are collectibles and not very interesting or liquid unless there is a stamp that's "always readily cashable" for a lot of money ...

.......But u gave me a idea in code lol
Now the USA Postal money orders as of today "don't expire" and you have to pay an extra fee for them..... Highest one you can pay for 1,000. But as you and I know there's hardly a chance of it going up in value as a collector's item.

NOW you got me WONDERING what's Singapore, Brunei or Swiss maximum money order size.

Singapore has 10,000 dollar notes but they are going to discontinue it but I don't know when

Brunei has 10,000 dollar notes too
Swiss has only 1,000 francs....
These are the top 3 I know of...

Armenia has $100,000 dram but it's not worth much lol

Zimbabwe has the gold coins but I don't know the intrinsic value of how much gold is in each one.....
What vauable things can you carry on you & take across borders?
Precious gems, (or diamond dust for abrasives) are a historic form of portable wealth in a very small portable size. The problem is that cut diamonds & other gems, for instance, have a retail price called "Keystone" which is 7 times more than the wholesale price. Diamond dust & raw diamonds have a much smaller markup as they always come from suppliers & sell "wholesale" to end users.
"Collectibles" including rare birds and animals are problematic unless you have a collector/buyer at the other end who will pay cash & a high "collector" price. I bought some supposedly very valuable collector gold coins once, but when I went to sell to dealers, they said, "We are sellers, not buyers" ...They offered me only bullion value which was 1/5th of what they sold similar coins for. I had a similar experience with old oriental rugs. These days, as long as the holding period is very short like 24 hours (when a huge price change is unlikely), the most portable, valuable, anonymous thing is indeed, crypto. Illegal drugs? I won't comment on that. But not recommended for normal 9non-criminal) folks.
Singapore $10,000 bills are I think, already out of circulation. Swiss 1000 franc notes worth around $1000 USA are pretty good. One million bucks worth will fit in an attache case. But these days it is more sensible to simply transfer any funds from one place to another by means of the many services that will do this for a tiny % fee.
Years ago most securities, especially stocks & bonds could be obtained in non-registered, bearer form, but the good old USA has made this almost totally illegal and these days "bearer securities" are pretty much unobtainable ...P.T.
what services and what fees are your talking about? example pls
Last time I mentioned specific outfits on this forum I was chastized and warned I was nearly kicked out ... after that I never mentioned any names. They won't let me give them to specific people like you who ask for them either. No problem for me as I am retired from being a consultant & no longer making any referral fees, etc.
what services and what fees are your talking about? example pls
Thank you Mr. Taradash for your feedback I always admired your literature across many mediums....

I always wanted to see Peter do a interview with a mask on with Robin leach lol ..too bad Mr leach passed away ....His enthusiastic voice was practically irreplaceable....

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