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What are the actual chances of getting caught?

Hi guys,

I just have a blunt question: what are the chances of getting caught underreporting/not reporting one’s taxes in EU countries?

I know it sounds pretty stupid to ask, and I am expecting most people will say that it’s not advisable and that “one day you’ll get caught”, but realistically what are the chances?

The reason I am asking is because it seems impossible to measure the risk since on one hand some people will say that you’ll get caught one day or another, and on the other hand I have personally witnessed people conceding income from tax authorities in developed European countries (Germany, France) and get away with it (some people doing it for 7-10years).

I am not talking big money here but rather low 6 figure incomes and I am just curious to see if you guys had any tangible feedback on this topic.

In most of the countries it is pretty normal that the sanction will arrive after many years, just a couple of months before the statute limitations time expired... and if the amount of tax is high enough in some countries it could reach even 12 years in case if tax crimes... so maybe in those cases after 11 years the guy would have a bad surprise...

Nowadays with CRS, before or later, it is highly probable they will check on that....


New member
In Norway the leeches take notes of registration plates outside malls, and then extort you if you DARE use the company car to stop & do some shopping on the way back home from a job............

The insanity of it all is endless, and of course the huge scope of what they try to control makes it dead easy to hide in the big data ;-)

But of course they end up killing ALL real businesses, leaving the corps & the state to run the whole show...

Corpocommunism? I've been searching for a while for the right term!
That´s very interesting. 1984. I´ve never lived in Norway, but it seems like most western countries will follow suit. My conclusion is to reduce car and property ownership. Typical examples of wealth to tax man. Third world countries could benefit from an influx of wealthy immigrants.
I´ve never been to Thailand. Do they suffer from food raising prices caused by wealthy immigration, like in Costa Rica?
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